Orthopaedics + Physiotherapy

Orthopaedics is the medical specialty that focuses on your body’s musculoskeletal system made up of bones, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and nerves. It is focused on helping you live a comfortable and active life

Our orthopaedic specialist cares for patients of all ages and provides all forms of treatment, ranging from medications and therapy to surgical and non-surgical procedures. When, and if, surgery is required, we are committed to using the least invasive techniques such as arthroscopy whenever possible, so you get the best results with the least disruption and discomfort.

Arthroscopy is a procedure for diagnosing and treating joint problems. Arthroscopy allows the surgeon to see inside your joint without making a large incision. Some conditions that our Orthopaedic surgeon can manage using arthroscopy include loose bone fragments, damaged or torn cartilage, inflamed joint linings, torn ligaments, scarring within joints.

We offer treatments for:

Physiotherapists help maintain health for people of all ages, helping patients to manage pain and prevent disease by maximizing their ability to move and function throughout life.

They can help you with: We do not provide physiotherapy services in-house. However, we are working with Petrina Walker-Spencer, a well-established Physiotherapist with her clinic Physio4U in Parklands

To book an appointment please visit: https://www.physio4u.co

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