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We started our journey as a family business, Spin Ventures Group (SVG) in Kenya over 50 years ago in the textiles industry. Since then we have progressed into agriculture and agro processing, floriculture and property with a footprint in Kenya, Uganda, Zambia and Ethiopia (www.svg.biz).

In 2015, with the growing demand for quality affordable medical care and minimally invasive surgery in East Africa, SVG started a Comprehensive Day Surgery Medical Centre in Nairobi. Following this, the group has launched a Fertility Centre in 2016 and a dialysis unit in 2018.

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Prevention is better than cure

~ Desiderius Erasmus ~

We are an ultra-modern, full-service medical facility with a friendly approach towards the healing and medical care.

We believe the attitude of our medical staff is as important as our professional skill and treatment. You are greeted with a friendly smile, not a handout or coupon and we make sure you get to see your doctor quickly. Simply put, even before your treatment begins you are treated better. By working together and sharing the knowledge and the expertise our specialists have to offer, every moment of every day, Apples+Sense is focused on doing one thing – what is in the best interest for you and your health.

We are proud that people who come in for treatment not only build a connection with the Centre but also recommend it to others. This is the kind of culture that makes you feel better even before you begin treatment.

Visit Apples + Sense, where you are treated better and your treatment is better.

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Ola Energy Plaza, Muthaiga, Nairobi.

Monday - Saturday 8.00 am - 5.00 pm

+254 780 367 367, +254 790 307 260

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Harley Street Fertility Centre Kenya

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